Our Process

Emnotes products are assembled on manual machines with a single operator. This person holds a very important job, since they craft the entire notebook process from start to finish in a studio work table.

The quality of the paper comes from our sourcing and selection process for paper that is made in the USA and can withstand different inks, colors, and won’t bleed through easily, bound by a cover and a heavy backboard that can take the amount of exposure that a work notebook needs to be able to handle.

We have been around to hear about the many things we could add to our notebooks, but we’ve kept the original idea alive. A notebook needs to be simple. We believe that the notebook was invented to keep your ideas safe.

If you’ve never tried using notebooks without lines for work or study, we invite you to experience note-taking in the most original way possible.

Our Tools:

  • Durable wire
  • High quality, bright white paper
  • Heavy cardboard
  • Premium front covers
  • Minimal design
  • Manual binding machines
  • Cutting blades
  • Elastic binding
  • Eyelet hammers