A Notebook Unruled for College: High Quality Always Wins

In searching for a notebook unruled for school, I found several online but none seemed to fit the bill. The very first that I encountered were Clairefontaine and Field Notes, neither of which had the spiral binding that I wanted.

The main issue with the notebooks I found at college bookstores were that they were all either lined, graph, or dotted and I wanted the simplest one possible: a blank one and could not find it!

Notebook Unruled

Enter: Emnotes. This notebook is the one we came up with after a few attempts at optimizing the usability of a notebook unruled for certain purposes. First off, it needed to be of outstanding quality and last forever.

Too many notebooks out there seem to fall apart, especially those with pages that you can tear off with perforations, so I opted to simply avoid all that. After all, notebooks’ main purpose is to keep records and if people really wanted a notebook that would let you tear off the blank pages, wouldn’t they just use a blank piece of paper to take their “notes” in?

To keep up with the highest quality paper we could find, we needed a strong binding material to keep it together. Metal was the perfect option, but we did search around for plastic coils and metal coils but sometimes the paper would slip out through the ends (the bottom and the top of the notebook). To solve the issue, we opted for double-wire and that was that.

The cardboard/chipboard backings of notebooks were also a tough decision to make since I understand that some people want bendy notebooks that allow them to fold it however they please, but in my own experience, a tough backing has always worked better and lasted longer in day to day usage. Instead of the normal backing, we decided on some heavy paper to back the notebook.

You can find Emnotes here at our shop Emnotes.com/store and through our affiliate link on Amazon: Emnotes Unruled Notebook