Our Story

"Hey, my name is Edwin Covarrubias and I want to share something very special to me. Recently, I redesigned and launched our brand new unruled spiral notebook, Emnotes Original. I want to tell you what this notebook is all about, but most importantly; I want to tell you what not to expect.

Now, we didn't reinvent the notebook.

I studied engineering in college. I've probably had every single type of notebook you can imagine, and most ended up sitting empty on my shelf and eventually used as only scratch paper. Then, I figured out something.

When I was testing out this idea with other college students and professionals in creative fields (graphic designers, programmers, and web developers), I wanted to know what was missing in a notebook. It turns out that I was asking the wrong questions.

A notebook wasn't missing anything except to be simplified. Fancy notebooks are almost "too nice" to write on, and cheap-o notebooks just don't make the cut. Plus, drawing out atomic skeletons and solving calculus problems was very difficult on lined/ruled paper. I was doing the right thing and actually reviewing my notes over and over after my classes, but the inner sheets kept falling out because of those easy-to-tear off pages. The paper also sometimes just didn't hold up after the constant erasing I kept doing or after scratching off something with a pen.

This notebook will make it easy for you. If you've never written on blank paper before, it'll take some practice, but the results will show as your work becomes cleaner and easier to review.

Emnotes Original is made up of durable covers, premium inner blank sheets (unperforated), and the strongest metal binding I could find.

I'm very proud of all the work it took to make such a simple product and to be able to consistently provide fast deliveries, high-quality products, and the most honest return policy I could possibly come up with. All the best, always! Let's move."
Edwin Covarrubias
Designer & Founder

Emnotes is simple. We took a notebook and took away the extras, and made the standard even better.

The story started over ten years ago after making several notebooks out of binders and three-hole blank paper. The simplicity remains, but now we look a little better.

Sticking with high-quality blank paper, and the strongest binding materials we could find, we still crank out only the best products.

We find that it works great in the classroom or self-study, as well as in the workplace. It even works with the pickiest of journal-ers.

If you want to learn more or just say hi, send us an email at hello@emnotes.com and we’ll respond right away.

Thank you for reading.