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Built for cleaner notes

Unruled spiral notebooks without lines for your diagrams, planning, and problem solving. That's one less thing to worry about. Ships for free and guaranteed to last.

FAQ from the community

Three days on average, depending on your shipping options. These notebooks are packed and shipped using USPS, FedEx, or Amazon delivery services.

No way. The sheets are not perforated for easy-tear and are assembled as permanent sheets. Our notes kept falling off. If you’re into that, let us know and we’ll design and try to add the idea to our economy notebook collection.

During high season (like back-to-school), we make these notebooks ourselves in a studio, so you’re sure to find the notebook you want by sending us a message to, or shoot us a text at (707) 332-4074

Yes, we do. There are lots of notebooks that we test out at trade shows and with notebook aficionados to try out. Right now, we’re literally making notebooks in a studio, so anything is possible. These cost around one dollar below the same style category notebooks.

Not right now. Instead of adding lines, we’re working on figuring out other ways to make notes easier to keep and review. Some people have been asking for different binding styles. IDK, what do you guys think?

Used for college classes and for use during meetings where your work needs to look presentable to demonstrate or to review.

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